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Posted about 1 month ago by Laura Reed

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On Tuesday, January 12th, the Tennessee State Legislature came back into session to begin their first year of the two-year long General Assembly session. This year the Governor has called them into a Special Session to deal with educational issues surrounding COVID-19. The Legislature will then likely take a week off before starting on the budget process in February. During this time, your fellow TNA members who serve on the Government Affairs Committee (GOVA) are busy reviewing legislation, discussion positions and planning a virtual Nurses Day on the Hill along with some new events you will want to be a part of!
February 4th at 6pm CST will be our first ever Nurses Happy Hour! The GOVA committee and PAC Board are working together to bring you these advocacy focused networking events throughout the year because we know our work as nurses is never done!
We are excited to have our full practice authority bill sponsors Sen. Jon Lundberg and Rep. Bob Ramsey to discuss HB184 SB176, the Nurse Practice Act, and other issues facing the legislature. After you register you will be sent a link to submit questions for the discussion.
This is a free event if you are attending the Virtual Day on the Hill or you can register using the button below. If not attending the Virtual Day on the Hill, it is $25 for TNA members or students and $30 for non TNA members. This event is open to TNA members, non-members and students. Register now to join us: Thursday, February 4th at 6pm CST!
As part of our preparation for the Virtual Day on the Hill this year, we are offering A Nurse's Toolkit to Advocacy Workshop 101 to learn more about what your role is as a nurse, the fundamentals of the legislative process, political and policy dimensions of healthcare and the nursing profession. We will go over best practices that help make the biggest impact when meeting with legislators and advocating on issues.
During this 1.5-hour workshop you will learn the ins and outs of being a nursing advocate! Both sessions will cover the same material.
This is a free event if you are registered for the the Virtual Day on the Hill or you can register using the button below. It is $25 for TNA members or students or $30 for non-TNA members. This event is open to TNA members, non-members and students. Register now and let us know which session you will be joining!
2021 Nurses Virtual Day on the Hill: Tuesday, March 2nd
This year nurses from across the state will come together to network, learn, educate, and most importantly advocate for our patients and our profession!
The morning program will start at 8:30 a.m. CST and end no later than 11:30 a.m. You are then encouraged to have made appointments to meet with your State Senator and State Representative virtually or over the phone that afternoon or on Wednesday, March 3rd. Last year, we had such a great response from the group feedback and debriefing session before the reception that we will be holding two debriefing and feedback sessions on Thursday, March 4th at 6 p.m. CST and Friday, March 5th at 10 a.m. CST. All events will be held over Zoom and the links will be sent to you within 24 hours ahead of the start time. This event is open to TNA members, non-members and graduate level students.
Why you should attend: Legislators need to meet nurses who can be their go-to source for information. This is your opportunity to make that connection with your legislators. Sharing your experiences and providing the information is the most powerful way to advocate for your profession and health care. Studies show that one-on-one communications between constituents and their elected officials often cause a tipping point that results in the supporting legislation. Your voice does make a difference!
What you will gain from attending: Participating will connect you with the statewide nursing community and inspire you to become even more involved in nursing advocacy. Our team of seasoned nursing advocates will coach you with advice, political insight and their own personal stories during the morning workshop. This experience will empower you to be a better advocate! You will leave having a better understanding of the legislative process and how to effectively advocate. 
The registration fee is only $30 for the Day on the Hill, the February 4th Happy Nursing Hour, the Advocacy Workshops, and the Debriefing/Feedback Sessions! That's 4 events for just $30!!
We need your voices on the Hill this year more than ever! Legislators need to hear your personal stories about how their decisions about the Nurse Practice Act, healthcare funding, and other issues impact both you and your patients!!
Let us know you will stand with us and register today!
Don't forget to support your TN Nurses Political Action Committee!
Two things most nurses don’t want to talk about: Politics and Money. But we have to. Too many decisions are made about our profession and the care we provide not to be involved and have a seat at the table. If nurses don’t get involved, other people will. The hospital CEO, administrator, doctors or other medical professionals will gladly tell candidates and legislators that everything is perfect in the nursing profession or what changes they think should be made. But when nurses speak up and advocate, then nurses and patients win. Donate today.
What this boils down to is, who are you? Are you a nurse? Then you need to support your profession through being a TN Nurses PAC donor. We all have “political” issues that are near and dear to our hearts. But where will you end up when the pro-nurse candidate loses out to a candidate who won’t listen to nurses? We are in difficult times. This is about your profession, the care you provide, your livelihoods and your ability to protect your family and loved ones.